We get a lot of questions about our food truck park, so we thought we would share some of the answers!
  1. YES – Most trucks accept credit cards.
  2. YES – We have an ATM on site.
  3. YES – There’s lots of onsite parking. We have more than 150 parking spaces, as well as an overflow grass area. (It often looks more full from the road than it actually is.)
  4. YES – There is a trolley stop in front of Congdon’s and a crosswalk with warning lights if you’re walking to us.
  5. NO – We can’t say precisely when we close. It depends on how late the crowds go. Generally, we will stay open until at least 10 pm and will go as late as midnight (weather permitting). If we close before 10 pm, we will post it on our Facebook page.
  6. YES – There is seating in the beer garden. It’s a great option if the picnic tables fill up.
  7. YES – There are bathrooms inside. Go into the beer garden, and keep taking a lefts. There are porta-potties in the parking lot.
  8. YES – Dogs are allowed on leashes. Unfortunately, they cannot go into the beer garden.
  9. NO – We don’t have updated menus for each of the food trucks. We have more than 20 trucks that join us regularly and they often change their menus.
  10. YES – You can find out which trucks are coming in the upcoming week by going to www.cadfoodtrucks.com. We post the trucks for each day on Facebook by 2 pm.
  11. YES – There are gluten free options. Knew Potato Caboose is entirely gluten-free and with us regularly.
  12. NO – We do not have a full bar in the food truck area.  One truck has a limited alcohol menu, but the beer garden (green-covered patio attached to the restaurant) has the full menu.
  13. YES – Outside of five domestics, all of our beers are from Maine breweries. Our “Maine Menu” has more than 30 different types of Maine beers and rotates regularly. (Download Untappd app for up to date menus).
  14. YES – Classic cars are every Monday!

For more information, go to www.cadfoodtrucks.com